As augmented reality continues to grow in terms of adoption and understanding of this 'new' technology. While it has been around for over 10 years, (we know; we were part of it) we realized that there was a true need in the market to help educate and share the true power of augmented reality as it begins to form part of everyday life.


Portfolio Depth

Over the past year, AuGames has built up one of the most impressive and deep range of games brands, games characters and games titles and beyond the games - the merchandising and licensing opportunities with each one.


Client Partners

While designing and creating our own massive range of our own brands, AuGames is also deeply seated with some of the biggest brand aware companies in the world, such as kathy ireland® Worldwide (kiWW®). Read More...


Development Partners

Part of AuGames' strength is that coming from our experience in the software/technology development industry. We have selected a range of development partners that can deliver at the quality and manner we demand.

The Portfolio

Imagineering at it's best...
There is something to be said about storytelling. From the start of our imagineering that moves into the creation of a story with a cast of memorable characters and a sense of purpose that keeps an audience engaged and enthused.
ARcade Classics : C U B E

The Mobile eXperience

where possibilities are endless
Mobile phones are the pervasive device in everyones hands. From communication to gaming, work and dating building applications for mobile opens revenues from multiple sources and methods, and is set to grow and evolve.

Au Brand Power

While we maybe a start-up, we understand the power of branding and online presence and have a wealth of websites that deliver our brand messages, ideology and games. The development of these sites helps continue our awareness, hype and brand recognition - that delivers a solid foundation that supports our growth and marketing.

Your Investment


Intellectual Property

AuGames has a wealth of IP that has been developed and ready to go into the global marketplace. With 4 trademark pending games brands that have 10 character games in pre-production, there are enough assets for the next 3-5 years.


3rd Party Agreements

With 11 current interim license agreements, and another 10+ being set up in the first 2 quarters of 2019 - AuGames has built a catalogue of partnerships to develop augmented reality experiences for some of the biggest brands in the world.


Build On-Demand

Ability to scale rapidly while not wasting investment funds is key to our growth and development strategy. We've chosen a select few companies that meet our engineering standards and quality to deliver the final product to both AuGames and our client partners.


NOW is the Time

The AuGames vision has been in development for over 3 years now. We now feel that the market, the hardware, developers skillsets and consumer understanding has reached the tipping point for AuGames to launch globally and go beyond your reality.

Ready to Invest?

Due to the confidential nature of our client partners and their AR experiences plus our own brands & game titles in pre-production we ask that you read and sign our non-disclosure agreement in order to start an open dialog.

Download the Non-Disclosure Agreement directly from here. Then simply read through, if agreed with the terms then simply sign, date and the next tab you can upload it directly back to us.

AuGames | Non-Disclosure Agreement


Select the UPLOAD button, select the signed NDA document, select upload, and that's it. You will then receive the 2019 AuGames Pro-Forma for you to review.

(Signed) AuGames | Non-Disclosure Agreement